Kris Drake lives in the lovely city of Minneapolis, MN. After winning an award for her student film, Kris decided she wanted to pursue video and photography after she graduated from the Perpich Center for the Arts. Her love/hate relationship in the darkroom quickly bloomed into a love affair after she discovered the medium format negative, courtesy of Hilary Bullock and Erika Rinkleff.

Kris jumps at the chance to use her Hasselblad. She loves to take off-beat moment portraits, loves to shop, is totally nuts about eye creams and is very envious of anyone eating Monte Carlo's wings without her.

past clients include: Clarity Coverdale Fury, Catholic Schools Center of Excellence, The Blake School, Intersport, Firefly Sisterhood, Mpls Crisis Nursery, MacPhail Center for Music, Project Homeless Connect, Studio Luma/Cambio Entertainment and Evine Live. 


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